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Scottish Genealogical Research

Terms and Conditions


Research rates are those specified by ASGRA [The Association of Scottish Genealogists and Researchers in Archives], currently being a minimum charge of GB£30 per hour, but more complex studies, and research for legal and commercial clients, will be priced accordingly. A quote for the research will be given on request. The research is usually conducted in multiples of 3-hour studies depending on the size of the commission.  In more complex cases a brief, non-chargeable, feasibility study will be conducted prior to the acceptance of a commission. Personal meetings with clients are also charged at this hourly rate.


Transcription rates are those suggested by ASGRA, and vary depending upon the date, language, condition and legibility of the relevant document. For fully annotated transcriptions the charge is between GB£15 and GB£25 per page. For a synopsis of a document, detailing type of document, relevant names, relationships, places and dates, where these are identified in the document, the charge is GB£16 per document.

Lectures and Talks

The charges for lectures and informal talks, whether in person, by Zoom or by other electronic means, are by agreement with the client. 


With all new clients it is always asked that the first commission be paid in advance unless otherwise agreed. If the research goes on longer, by mutual agreement, then we are quite happy to continue the work on an account basis.

Information about making payments will be supplied once the commission is agreed.

GDPR Policies and Privacy

From 25th May 2018 new EU data protection laws came into force. These laws give individuals control over how their data is used and place certain obligations on businesses that process information of those individuals.

ScottishGenealogicalResearch believe that clients should know what data is collected and how it is used and for clients to make the best decisions about the information that they share. 

When clients contact ScottishGenealogicalResearch they provide their name, address, email address and contact telephone number. No other personal information is required. This information is used only to start communication in relation to carrying out research on your behalf. This information is not passed on to a third party or used for marketing purposes. 

ScottishGenealogicalResearch does not send out Newsletters or retains clients’ banking details and will not contact a client again once the research has been completed, unless that client initiates additional research in the future. 

Once research has been concluded, the report and any associated emails are securely archived and only an electronic copy of the report and emails are kept on computer.

Clients can contact ScottishGenealogicalResearch at any time about the information that is held on them.

Bruce B Bishop FSA Scot, ASGRA

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